• A multi-disciplinary holistic team approach to reducing both the academic and non-academic barriers to learning. Simply put CARE Teams provide student equity for all students and addresses barriers to learning and teaching to engage and re-engage students in the classroom and re-engage families in the school.
  • It provides a seamless, whole child, school-based, non-academic support system and can be provided before, during or after-school and involve both school personnel and community partners.
  • Embraces the theory of the National Wraparound Initiative and Ohio’s Comprehensive System of Learning Supports. CARE Teams both interconnect and interrelate to our families, youth and community through its design, implementation and evaluation.
  • It involves prevention, intervention and treatment to both individual students and the entire student body.
  • CARE Teams work to ensure that all students have the basic right to academic programs and services to meet their needs and to achieve their potential. Through early detection and intervention, CARE Teams help ensure the prevention of costly and intensive intervention later on.
  • The TEAM involves principals, guidance counselors, behavior coaches, afterschool coordinator, truancy officer, school nurse, psychologist, and community partners (such as the Director of AHEAD), Mental Health Clinicians through Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health, and Family Involvement Coordinator through Trillium Family Solutions.
  • For more information please contact:
    Erica Thom, Executive Director of AHEAD at
    (330) 830-3900 ext 50221

Tiger P.A.T.H.S.

In working with several other school districts within Stark County and as a part of an interagency collaboration, AHEAD has found that the unique relationship they have with the Massillon City School District has provided an ease in the transition and development of CARE Teams. This partnership has enhanced the cohesiveness of the Team and has helped bring more resources and services to the students. The Team known as Tiger P.A.T.H.S. – (Promoting Achievement Through Healthy Strategies) consists of Principal, Guidance Counselors, Behavior Coach, Family Involvement Coordinator, Nurse, Security Officer, Attendance Officer, After school Coordinator, AHEAD Director, Mental Health Provider and others as needed. Through CARE Teams AHEAD has been able to coordinate several other services for the students and families in the Massillon community such as:

Mental Health Services – Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health provides services on site at Massillon Middle School and can provide social/emotional support and clinical counseling at the afterschool locations. They have also provided mental health services and groups on location during the summer at the Boys and Girls Club of Massillon in order to stay connected to the youth from our various schools, help them transition from elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school or deal with the variety of issues youth face today.

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program – AHEAD is a strong supporter in the implementation of
the Olweus (pronounced, Ol-VEY-us) program which takes a universal approach to changing
student behavior in bullying situations. Stating expectations, and giving staff and student body
healthy and appropriate ways to get the “bystanders” to rally against the small number of
students who bully others. Implementation of the Olweus Program in Stark County is currently
being funded by the Sisters of Charity Foundation for a three-year grant cycle to hopefully train
up to 60 schools in the county on the program and some of Massillon’s schools will be included
in that project.