Vision Statement:
Striving to Eliminate Substance Abuse
Mission Statement:
To work collaboratively in eliminating substance abuse through partnerships, educational awareness, promoting positive community and policy change.


Projects MADFACT is working on or have accomplished:

  • In collaboration with the local Washington High School, AHEAD is helping to establish a new SADD chapter and hope to have that up and running by the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year.
  • AHEAD planned an educational opportunity for the school to bring in the Start Smart vehicle that the Safe Communities Coalition makes available to educate youth on the dangers of impaired driving. The event was held right before Prom of May 2012. Also included were some of their Student Council members to help engage the youth and provide some of the education well ahead of time.
  • MADFACT is partnering with the Stark County Anti-Drug Coalition and the local Massillon Police Department to get as much information out to the community as it can about the very high dangers of prescription drug abuse and opiate abuse as a result of seeing younger and younger youth using prescription drugs.
  • The Coalition is always interested in policy changes that impact the amount of alcohol or drugs that get into the hands of our youth. MADFACT is currently looking at some alcohol and tobacco policies that it might encourage changing for the betterment of our youth.





  • Robert Sanderson
    Massillon Area Chamber of Commerce
    Treasurer of the Coalition
  • Judi Miller
    Health Foundation of Greater Massillon (Neighborhood Associations)
    Vice Chair of the Coalition
  • Sergeant Jason Greenfield
    Massillon Police Department
  • Detective Tom Solinger
    Massillon Police Department
  • Captain Tawny Cowen-Zanders
    The Salvation Army of Massillon
  • Stephanie Bradford
    Trillium Family Solutions
    Secretary of Coalition
  • Erica Thom
  • Steve Reinhart
    Massillon City School, Principal at Gorrell Elementary
    Chair of Coalition
  • Jacob Dunwiddie
    Washington High School Student
  • Kevin Zanders
    The Salvation Army of Massillon
  • Sharon George
    Safe Communities Coalition out of the Sheriff’s Office
  • Vince Pedro
    Boys and Girls Club of Massillon
  • Carolyn Ganoe
    Affinity Medical Center


Opiate Toolkit

MADFACT partners believe that through collaboration and partnerships we will enhance
community efforts to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth and, over time, adults.